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Pro-Adjuster:      Comfortable  ~ Consistent ~ Computerized

Advances in computers and engineering technologies have been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both analyze and treat the human body in such a way that has never been realized.

How Does the ProAdjuster Work?

To better understand, let's examine the idea of palpation.  When a Chiropractor palpates your spine, they are checking for joint fluidity, motion and or rigidity.  Improper motion affecting the nerve function is called a subluxation.  In a similar fashion to palpation, the ProAdjuster can help determine whether the vertebra's motion is too rigid or too fluid.  The spine should not be too rigid (hypo-mobile).  However, instead of utilizing the doctor's judgement as to what areas are hyper-mobile or hypo-mobile, the ProAdjuster measures precise levels of motion.  Therefore, the ProAdjuster can help isolate a problem area faster and more accurately than manual procedures.  

How can anything so gentle and comfortable change my spine?

The ProAdjuster utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion.  It is able to increase the mobility of the spinal segments by reducing  fixation or enabling motion in the abnormal areas.  In other words, the ProAdjuster is "unsticking" the joint.  Have you ever seen a woodpecker tapping in an oscillating fashion on a tree?  It is hard to believe, but you can watch them bore right through the hardest wood!  tHe ProAdjuster taps in much the same way but uses soft tips that are comfortable to the human body and result in a nice change to the health of a joint or tissue.

Comfortable and Consistent

steps-1 Soft tissue conditions such as trigger points respond well to the percussion of the ProAdjuster unit and the forces are delivered in a sub-harmonic, metered, precise nature to create oscillation and enhance range of motion.

step-2 Neurologically, the ProAdjuster takes advantage of the interplay of the type 1,2 and 3 mechanoreceptors with the type 4 nociceptors creating an inhibition of pain, increasing neuroactivity and restoration of normal nervous system tone.

step-3The ProAdjuster is very comfortable for patients of all ages due to the fact that there is no application of manual rotation or thrusting forces.

step-4The patient is seated in a comfortable chair in an upright position without the need to turn the head or neck. Thus, this greatly reduces any issues associated with osteoporosis, vertebral artery conditions or other concerns that aggressive manual techniques might not properly address.

Proprietary Software

This system helps ensure a functional outcome of a prescribed, written treatment plan. The ProAdjuster also lets the doctor know when not to perform manipulative procedures on a particular day. The routine perception of popping and cracking is eliminated because there are objective, specified reasoning and data points to analyze. There is also an end to the treatment plan. It is important for patients to feel confident that there is an end to this therapy and that we can chart the progress with sign wave analysis.

Sign wave analysis measures joint function through four aspects. The amplitude indicates resistance of fixation of the joint, upon six pounds of percussion. The apex comments on the relative mobility and ligament hysteresis associated with that joint. The length of the wave indicat ses the resonant frequency of the joint measured in cycles per second, or hertz. The smoothness of the wave would represent the smooth articular gliding of the tested spinal articulation.


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